About Rebel Pink


After years of being a buyer in the fashion industry and dabbling in Shabby Chic interior design, Adrienne Steele seized the opportunity to marry her two passions, urban fashion and a Shabby Chic aesthetic.  Harnessing her ability to visualize and coordinate has helped her collage different designs, influenced by urban elements and sophistication.  Rebel Pink is having a reverence for beauty in all of its forms.

Rebel Pink is also about balance.  Balancing glamour with grittiness and balancing power with prettiness.

Graffiti is the ultimate expression of art.  It’s not created in a studio, and it’s not sold for commercial gain.  It’s an authentic moment in time, reflective of the life of its artist.  It’s a small act of rebellion.

In contrast, chandeliers are an artistic element used by interior designers to sprinkle a space with beauty.


Just like each work of graffiti is unique, chandeliers provide a distinctive touch to the environment that they decorate.  The beauty to both is truly in the eye of the beholder.  In each case, an artist has created both things.

Rebel Pink’s founder and chief designer, Adrienne Steele grew up in the suburbs of New York City.  However, as an adult, her greatest artistic inspiration has always been grounded in the various neighborhoods of New York City.

From the remarkable graffiti walls in Brooklyn to the perfectly curated windows of the shops in Soho, the artists behind the beauty of NYC serves as a constant inspiration and motivation for her own art.

The Rebel Pink line brings these various motivations together in a cohesive sportswear line for women.  The line includes jerseys, varsity jackets, and sweatshirts, athletic tanks, leggings, hats and tees, all of them sporty with an urban twist.

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